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OceanForestDrive.com - Privacy Policy

OceanForestDrive.com respects the privacy of its users and will not share user information with any parties that the user does not specifically request OceanForestDrive.com to do so. Information entered on our websites is secure and will only be used to provide the user the requested real estate information.

OceanForestDrive.com does not collect emails on its real estate sites for solicitations of any kind. The user will not be solicited by email from OceanForestDrive.com because of using our real estate sites.

The user is responsible for checking the privacy policies of any third party sites referred by OceanForestDrive.com if the user wishes to know the privacy policy of any particular site. OceanForestDrive.com's privacy policy is only applicable to OceanForestDrive.com and OceanForestDrive.com is not responsible for privacy issues arising from the user's interactions with websites not owned by OceanForestDrive.com.

OceanForestDrive.com is a trusted real estate provider and the user benefits from OceanForestDrive.com acting as an advocate on the user's behalf by helping the user acquire the desired real estate. We scrutinize all real estate listings in order to make sure the user gets the most accurate information. OceanForestDrive.com's real estate service protects the user's privacy and assures a quality customer experience.

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